In production management, the company will adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, strengthen the cost management, establish cost veto mechanism, improving enterprise operation quality. With quality as heavy, realize "control network", "institutionalized management", "operation procedure", the quality of product as market competition invincible resort; Attention to corporate culture, cultural enterprise as the cornerstone of development, taking the development to promote enterprise cultural innovation.
Looking to the future, wuyi south rehabilitation leisure products Co., LTD is in the start line of the new century, will have many development opportunities, but also will be greater challenges. According to "the first-class management, first-class equipment, first-class quality, first-class staff, first-class horizontal" the goal, the company will be in line with "quality first, reputation first, mutual benefit and common development" principle, adhere to the "strict, solid, new, fine" the management idea, by the wuyi south rehabilitation leisure products Co., LTD's unique corporate culture and business model, and nearly universal sincere cooperation, and establish a long-term and stable, friendly relations of cooperation, common realization of the new century light ideal.