Nanjian Beech/Maple Wood Pilates Studio Reformer with tower

Dimensions: L-226cm x W-61cm x H-198cm (Carriage Height 31cm)
Weight: 130kgs
Features included: Reformer, Platform Extender, Stainless Steel Half Trapeze Tower, Built-in Standing Platform, Sitting Box, Jump-board, 6 x additional deluxe springs 


The Nanjian Studio Reformer with tower offers extraordinary flexibility & versatility suitable for a vast range of body heights, sizes and abilities. This model is the most popular with Pilates teaching studios and physios as it is very sturdy and has lots of flexibility to cater for all exercises. Our Pilates equipment is manufactured from high-quality materials, built to the European safety standard CE and has been carefully crafted incorporating clever designs to simplify operator use. Standard options of our Pilates machines provide quick adjustments without lengthy operation.



·         Adjustable Pulley Risers with swivel pulleys provide ergonomic angle of ropes

·         Durable braided ropes with  cleated rope-clamping system for easy access and  adjustability

·         Adjustable high-density padded head rest (3 positions) for neck support

·         Removable high-density padded shoulder rests

·         Padded double-loop straps provide 3 different grip configurations (hand/foot/sandal) for a wider range of Pilates exercises

·         Wide high-density EVA foam Padded Carriage is soft but supportive

·         Adjustable feet-anchor strap at base for stability and posture while performing additional exercises

·         Beautiful hand-sanded European Beech wood Frame

·         Stainless Steel Half Trapeze Tower with 11 carbine attachment points

·         High-density EVA foam Padded Platform Extender is soft but supportive, converting the reformer carriage into a much larger stable platform for a range of additional trapeze exercises

·         Padded stainless steel Push-Through Bar with heavy-duty nylon safety strap

·         Beech Roll-Down Bar

·         6 additional soft-sheathed stainless steel deluxe springs (2 x Red Hard, 2 x Yellow Medium, and 2 x Long)

·         2 additional double-Loop Straps provide 3 different grip configurations (hand/foot/sandal) for a wider range of Pilates exercises


·         The new premium 8-wheel “dual-angle treaded roller” system with high quality bearings and stainless steel rails for whisper quiet operation and the smoothest carriage glide.

·         Five deluxe smooth springs, 2x green (light resistance) 2x yellow (medium resistance) 1 x red (hard resistance)

·         Includes a Detachable padded jumpboard, Large Sitting Box, Built-in standing platform 

·         Quick-Release Adjustable foot bar with non-slip padding